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Pristis pectinata Distribution

Smalltooth sawfish
Poisson scie
Pez sierra;Pejepeine
Pesce sega
The tropical Atlantic
The tropical Pacific
The Red Sea
The Indian Ocean
Environment and movement of the diurnal species
  • The species is generally observed in a sandy/silty area.
  • The species is generally motionless in its environment
  • The species is generally found on or close to the seafloor.
  • The species can be found between 0 and 10 Meters.
  • Rare species.
  • General behaviour of the species
  • Species generally solitary
  • The animal is rather indifferent to the diver, though it remains on its guard
  • General characteristics of the species
  • Maximum size : 760 cm
  • Maximum age known : 10 year(s)
  • The animal is a hunter low in the food chain.
  • The animal can show variable colouring
  • Relationship with humans
  • The animal may inflict serious bites
  • The species is good to eat
  • The species is exploited in the following sector(s) :
    - Fishing or commercial aquiculture for food.
    -Sport or local fishing.
  • The species is classified asEndangered
  • The species can be confused with other species of similar appearance!

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