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The Concept
Discovering nature means first and foremost to venture into places where equipment is liable to be sorely tried. There are no Internet connections in deep-sea diving, nor can one take along even small books revealing some of the secrets of this fascinating undersea world. Nevertheless, if nature is to be explored "in the field", having a clear, well-researched guide, one which is adapted to the area explored, is an indispensable asset for whoever wishes to take their exploration one step further. PictoLife meets this challenge by producing discovery guides which specifically pertain to a given natural area and which visitors can easily take along in all their explorations. These guides allow you not only to identify the species you encounter, with the help of clear and representative pictures of them, but they also provide detailed information on their biology, ecology, behaviour as well as their exploitation by humans. All this in a pocket-sized format, easy to carry and easy to use. In order to achieve this, PictoLife Guides replace long, unwieldy texts with intuitive pictograms providing concise and accurate information accessible to everyone. As people from all walks of life wish to explore the treasures of the natural environment, the use of pictograms enables the PictoLife approach to serve a very broad public, whatever their language of origin may be.
PictoLife means books "that go anywhere", pictures chosen for their descriptive power and precise scientific information concentrating the essence of our present knowledge on every species, presented by way of intuitive and internationally recognizable pictograms.

The Advantages
- Descriptive : thanks to a selection of pictures showing each species as it most typically appears and giving all the critical identifying information, PictoLife Guides help the explorer of the natural environment to recognize a vast array of animals and plants which he or she may come across.

- Informative : giving all essential information on the environment and the species living in without writing a novel. This entails identifying primary characteristics, sorting them, explaining them and condensing them in such a way as to provide complete, yet short, descriptions. Though scientific precision is an essential part of the mix, here it does not overshadow other features which make PictoLife Guides playful tools, inviting users to go ever further in their understanding of the natural environment.

The Service
PictoLife is a publisher specialized in field guides and the natural environment. Its team, made up of science journalists, graphic designers and photographers, designs and produces original, multilingual, go-anywhere guides concentrating a maximum of information in a minimum of space. Its expertise makes it an ideal partner for scientific factsheets and worksheets on a variety of subjects, with complete sets of pictograms to capsulate a particular field of knowledge, providing easily understandable visual aids whether it be on paper, cardboard or plastic as well as editorial work on scientific or cultural subjects. The PictoLife team is here for you, ready to design, create and develop technical visual aids or teaching aids adapted to your needs. For further information, contact us!

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