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The sea mammals       1 Species found
Tursiops truncatus Distribution

Bottlenosed dolphin
Grosser Tümmler
Grand dauphin
Delfín nariz de botella
The tropical Atlantic
The temperate Atlantic
The tropical Pacific
The Red Sea
The Indian Ocean
The Mediterranean
Environment and movement of the diurnal species
  • The animal frequents the coastal zone
  • Common species.
  • General behaviour of the species
  • Species generally living in a group
  • The animal shows curiosity towards the diver
  • General characteristics of the species
  • Maximum size : 400 cm
  • Depth in apnea : 300 mètres
  • Time of apnea : 15 mns
  • Maximum age known : 30 year(s)
  • Sexual maturity : 10 year(s)
  • The animal is a hunter high in the food chain.
  • Diet : Fishes - Eels - Cephalopods
  • Relationship with humans
  • The species is good to eat
  • The species is exploited in the following sector(s) :
    - Fishing or commercial aquiculture for food.

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