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The sea mammals       1 Species found
Balaenoptera physalus Distribution

Fin Whale
Gewone vinvis
Rorqual commun
Rorcual común
Balenottera comune
The tropical Atlantic
The temperate Atlantic
The tropical Pacific
The Indian Ocean
The Mediterranean
Environment and movement of the diurnal species
  • The animal is often seen in open sea
  • Rare species.
  • General behaviour of the species
  • The species is migrating
  • Species generally living in a group
  • The animal is rather indifferent to the diver, though it remains on its guard
  • General characteristics of the species
  • Maximum size : 2700 cm
  • Depth in apnea : 600 mètres
  • Time of apnea : 20 mns
  • Maximum age known : 90 year(s)
  • Sexual maturity : 6 year(s)
  • The animal is a hunter low in the food chain.
  • Diet : Fishes - Crustaceans - Cephalopods
  • Relationship with humans
  • The species is good to eat
  • The species is exploited in the following sector(s) :
    - Fishing or commercial aquiculture for food.
    - Chemistry/pharmacy.
    Used in the clothing, footwear or crafts industries for the manufacture of articles (jewellery, etc.).
  • The species is classified asEndangered

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