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Geographical distribution :
Evolutional environment :
Shape of the sponge :

Genus :
Species :

Common name :
Sponges       1 Species found
Branching Form
Axinella damicornis Distribution

Elk horn sponge
Ruwe geweispons
Axinelle plate
Esponja de cuernos de gamo
Spugna corna di daino
The temperate Atlantic
The Mediterranean
Surrounding and environment
  • The species develops on the reef
  • The species is found in a sheltered zone
  • The species can be found between 2 and 30 Meters
  • Uncommon Species
  • General characteristics of the species
  • Diameter of the animal : 15 cm
  • Height of the animal : 10 cm
  • The animal is branch-shaped
  • The surface looks rough
  • Relationship with humans

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