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Echinoderms       1 Species found
Sea urchins
Centrostephanus longispinus Distribution

Longspined sea-urchin
Oursin diadème
Erizo de pùas largas
Riccio diadema
The Mediterranean
Surrounding and environment
  • The species is generally found on the reef
  • The species is not very mobile
  • The animal hunts at night
  • The species can be found between 5 and 200 Meters.
  • Rare species.
  • Endemic species..
  • General behaviour of the species
  • Species generally solitary
  • The animal retracts or curls up if it is disturbed
  • General characteristics of the species
  • Maximum size : 25 cm
  • The animal is a grazer of algae.
  • Diet : Algae - Refuse
  • The animal can show variable colouring
  • Relationship with humans
  • The species can be eaten but is of no particular culinary interest
  • The spines of the animal can be very dangerous

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