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Substrate :
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Common name :
Algae       1 Species found
Ulva rigida Distribution

Sea lettuce
Laitue de mer
Lechuga de mar
Lattuga marina
The tropical Atlantic
The temperate Atlantic
The tropical Pacific
The Indian Ocean
The Mediterranean
Substrate and environment
  • The species is generally attached to a reef
  • The individual is isolated in its environment
  • The species can be found between 0 and 60 Meters
  • Common species.
  • General characteristics of the species
  • General size of the alga : 40 cm
  • Relationship with humans
  • The species is good to eat
  • The species is exploited in the following sector(s) :
    - Fishing or commercial aquiculture for food.
  • The species can be confused with other species of similar appearance!

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